Artificial Heart Transplant

Cases of heart disease are rising rapidly, and the most concerning thing is many of these patients are first diagnosed in terminal stages of the disease. Heart failure becomes imminent and the time left to find a donor is not much. Artificial heart transplant becomes a great alternative to prolong the life of patients who are suffering from end-stage heart failure.

True Replacement Of Your Heart?

An artificial heart is still in its initial stages of development. So, you can’t really consider it a true replacement of your heart. But the benefits associated with it are many:

  • It is made of chemically treated animal tissues, or pseudo skin, which decreases the chance of rejection by the body
  • It can prolong the life of the patient for a few months to even a year and meanwhile, you get more time to find a donor
  • The artificial heart duplicates the function of a real heart by performing the function of the lower ventricles and pumping blood in the body


How It Works?

A total artificial heart transplant is a pump which is surgically installed to replace damaged or diseased heart ventricles. It ensures proper blood circulation and machines outside the body control the functioning of the heart.

Role Of Indo American Health

As it is the case with most new treatments or transplants, the cost incurred in this transplant is also high. It can be a real roadblock for people in low or middle-income countries. Artificial Heart Transplant In India is highly cost-effective when compared to other countries but to enjoy the benefit of this lower-cost, you have to travel to India.

This transplant can be availed in a few selected hospitals and deciding which one to go to can be really difficult. As a Best Medical Tourism Company in India, Indo American Health helps you by providing end-to-end services. The top of that list is finding the right hospital for you, which depends on your budget, transport convenience, comfortable accommodation nearby and the expertise of professionals in the respective hospital.


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