Spinal Surgery Or Spine Surgery

Indo American Health, being your medical facilitator here to help you get the cost-effective Spinal Surgery In India, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and Costa Rica at the price that fits your stipulated budget. As a leading service provider of Medical Tourism In India, We have network of the Best Spine Surgery Hospital and highly trained and experienced surgeons, Doctors or Specialists to serve you the best treatment. We are loaded with the up-to-the-mark technologies that ensure the good health of our patients.

Cost Of Spinal Surgery In India

Basically, the overall cost including Surgery, VISA, Stay, Meals, Medicines, Ticket Booking, etc. is lesser in India than any other western country. Therefore, most of the patients from the different parts of the world choose India for Spinal Surgery. We have top surgeons in our networked hospitals to treat the international patients and deliver them the as best as possible treatment.

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List Of Spinal Surgeries We Provide


How Does Indo American Health Provide Great Help?

  • We basically help you find the best hospitals and doctors, to get the treatment done.
  • Apart from that, we also provide a translator with international patients, so, they can easily convey their sayings.
  • We also help our patients get the medical VISA at the easiest without facing any trouble.
  • We arrange the accommodation, flight booking, meal, pick and drop service, etc. to ease the work of the patients.
  • We provide all the primary services like doctor appointments, hospital bed availability, etc.
  • We also help the patients budget everything accordingly to get the treatment done without spending the fortune.

These are some of the common ways how we provide great help to the patients. India is the name that comes to the mind when it comes to getting the cost-effective spinal surgery. So, get it done now to get the relief from the condition.

What Is Spinal Surgery And What Are The Benefits Associated With The Treatment?

The surgery is performed for the purpose of joining two or more vertebrae, which get damaged due to any spine injury or particular disease you are suffering from. You may get the following benefits:

  • Ease your movement than before
  • Keep you physically fit
  • Improve your spine health
  • Kick-away the pain
  • Remove your risk of any worsen condition

Manage Your Post Surgery Recovery With These Tips:

  • Wear a brace if recommended by the surgeon

  • Use heat and ice but with surgeon advice
  • Take medicines on time
  • Improve your diet for better results
  • Prepare your room for optimal recovery
  • Commit to physical therapy
  • Stick to a sleep schedule
  • Focus on good posture

Reach the best Spinal Surgery Hospital In India and get yourself treated before its too late. Contact us for further discussion.