Spinal Surgery Or Spine Surgery

Spruce up your health and save on spine surgery

Does your back hurt so much that you can’t stand up after bending over? Are meds and physical therapy of no avail? Then spine surgery may be your best option to fix the vertebrae and curb disabling pain. It’s performed to contribute to your back health and range of motion by eliminating any disc or bone problems that make you feel impaired.

Indo American Health is here to advise, guide, and plan your back pain treatment. We’re authorized to pave the obstacle-free way for you to have spinal surgery in India and a myriad of other countries. By partnering with some of the most technologically advanced local hospitals, we can recommend which one you need and then organize your transition.

Although health is not something you can skimp on, high-quality care isn’t supposed to come at a price. With us, you can save a bundle on back pain treatment – even when we’ll guide you to the best spine surgeons in India, Malaysia, Turkey, etc. We welcome patients from any part of the globe to help them benefit from affordable medical services.

All-encompassing service before your spinal surgery in India or other countries from our network

At Indo American Health, we realize that becoming a medical tourist is associated with some uncertainty. It’s okay that you may feel concerned about the language barrier, appointments with spine specialists, or anything in between. It’s a huge step, and we’ll always be by your side if you decide to take it.

Think of us as go-to helpers whom you can call anytime – day or night – and get immediate assistance that you need that moment. We won’t let you go through it alone, no matter where you’re from or how severe your condition is. That means you can rely on us for:

  • providing you with a list of the best spine surgery hospitals in India, Brazil, Thailand, etc.

  • making sure you won’t have any trouble applying for a medical visa

  • reserving airline tickets and helping you find a cozy place to stay in

  • appointing a qualified interpreter to avoid potential communication issues

  • keeping you informed of the cost of spinal surgery in India or elsewhere

  • everything else that it’s needed to make your stay comfortable and worry-free

Taking care of you after your surgical procedure

Any invasive procedure requires some time for recovery. Rest assured that our service doesn’t end right after your admission to the best spine surgery hospital in India or wherever you want. When your operation is over, we’ll be there as long as it takes to get you back on track. We’ll be available to you 24/7 so that you can be assisted with any matter straight away.

Indo American Health takes your recovery regimen seriously. That is why we’ll help you follow up with your spine doctor to monitor your condition. We do recommend that you stick to all his or her orders, like using a back brace, ice packs, etc.

There’s never been a better time to look after your back health. Contact us so that we start planning your trip to one of the given countries.

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How Does Indo American Health Provide Great Help?

  • We basically help you find the best hospitals and doctors, to get the treatment done.
  • Apart from that, we also provide a translator with international patients, so, they can easily convey their sayings.
  • We also help our patients get the medical VISA at the easiest without facing any trouble.
  • We arrange the accommodation, flight booking, meal, pick and drop service, etc. to ease the work of the patients.
  • We provide all the primary services like doctor appointments, hospital bed availability, etc.
  • We also help the patients budget everything accordingly to get the treatment done without spending the fortune.

These are some of the common ways how we provide great help to the patients. India is the name that comes to the mind when it comes to getting the cost-effective spinal surgery. So, get it done now to get the relief from the condition.

What Is Spinal Surgery And What Are The Benefits Associated With The Treatment?

The surgery is performed for the purpose of joining two or more vertebrae, which get damaged due to any spine injury or particular disease you are suffering from. You may get the following benefits:

  • Ease your movement than before
  • Keep you physically fit
  • Improve your spine health
  • Kick-away the pain
  • Remove your risk of any worsen condition

Manage Your Post Surgery Recovery With These Tips:

  • Wear a brace if recommended by the surgeon

  • Use heat and ice but with surgeon advice
  • Take medicines on time
  • Improve your diet for better results
  • Prepare your room for optimal recovery
  • Commit to physical therapy
  • Stick to a sleep schedule
  • Focus on good posture

Reach the best Spinal Surgery Hospital In India and get yourself treated before its too late. Contact us for further discussion.