Brain Tumor Treatment

Brain Tumor is one of the life-threatening conditions that occur due to the mass growth of the abnormal cells in the brain. It is possible to remove the tumor and treat the patient suffering from this deadly condition, but only if they begin the treatment on time. The huge cost of the treatment in most of the western countries is the reason why people are dying because of it, but no more worries, you can get Brain Tumor Treatment In India at a very less price than your own home country.

Don’t get surprised, it’s nothing new, medical tourism is very common nowadays that helps global patients get the right treatment other than their home country within their stipulated budget and, sometimes even lesser than that. And Indo American Health is the company that bridges the gap between you and the hospital that eases your journey and helps you get the treated on time.

If you do not understand the seriousness of the condition, and taking it for granted, here are some important things that you should know about it like:

What Is A Brain Tumor And What Are Its Types?

It is a condition that causes by the mass growth of the abnormal cells in the different part of your brain. It can be cancerous and life-threatening; therefore, it is advisable in case of experiencing any of the symptoms like:

  • Frequent headache
  • Unexplained nausea or vomiting
  • Vision problems
  • Difficulty with balance
  • Speech difficulties
  • Personality or behaviour change

Brain Tumor is mainly classified into:

  • Benign Brain Tumors: This type doesn’t contain any cancerous cells and grows more slowly than the malignant one. Also, it has lesser chances to spread to different tissues, which make it easier to cure.
  • Malignant Brain Tumors: This type mainly contains cancer cells and is very much dangerous. It has no specific boundaries and can invade other tissues too.

Brain Tumor Hospitals Offer The Following Treatments To Cure The Condition:

The type of Brain Tumor Treatment best for you depends on the type of tumor you are suffering from or at what stage you are on. Apart from that there are several other factors affect the decisions like choice of hospital or surgeon, condition of the patient and more. Some common treatment options available are:

  • Surgery: In this procedure, your neurologist will remove the tumor permanently along with some healthy tissue residing around it.
  • Chemotherapy: In this procedure, different drugs used to destroy the cancer cells and stop their ability to grow and spread.
  • Radiation Therapy: During this procedure, high energy X-rays or UV rays is used to kill the tumor cells. It also slows or stops the growth of the tumor.

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