Gastric Band Surgery

Your body and weight add charm to your personality and confidence. Being overweight mostly kill that confidence and make the people feel insecure about their body and if you are one of them and looking for the right treatment to get rid of those extra kilos, Gastric Band Surgery In India is the right for you. Indo American Health, being a medical tourism company, we'll arrange your medical trip, so, you can get the treatment and get back into the shape. If you still have any doubt, we have the answer to most of your common questions like:

What Is Gastric Band Surgery And What Are Its Benefits?

Gastric Band is popularly known as a Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, which is a weight loss procedure in which an inflatable silicone device or band get placed around the top portion of the stomach. This band squeezed the stomach size, resulting in lesser food intake, which facilitates weight loss. It has certain advantages over other treatment options such as:

  • Simple procedure
  • Minimal invasive surgery and doesn’t include much complications
  • The band is easy to adjust to the desired tightness
  • Quick recovery
  • 40% - 50% weight loss within a year or less

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery?

Obese people and the one suffering from serious health disorders that utterly requires you to cut down the extra kilos can go for the surgery. For more clarification, you should consult the Gastric Band Surgery Surgeons.

Cost Of Gastric Band Surgery In India:

The cost of Gastric Band Surgery is low in India and starts from $6,500 and varies depending on the choices of the patient according to their requirements. We arrange tailor-made treatment plans for the patients that fit right into their budget. To find the Top Hospital For Gastric Band Surgery in India, you can contact us through the details available on our website. Just fill the form to get instant support.

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