Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer is one of the biggest enemies for women that need to get treated at the early stage before it takes a devastating turn. It is a condition, which leads to the abnormal growth of cells and tissues inside the breast, and creates a painful and uneasy condition for the women. Indo American Health, being the leading Medical Tourism Company In India, has the list of top well-equipped hospitals that serve Breast Cancer Treatment In India, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and Costa Rica at the pocket-friendly price.

Most women going through the condition need to undergo the surgery. We have the list of Best Breast Cancer Hospital in our panel to treat the patient. We have the association with Top Surgeons or Doctors for treating any medical condition.

Causes Of Breast Cancer:

Causes of breast cancers are not clear, but here we jotted down some of the major factors that increase their risk among the women.

  • Age: Your age is the major factor that might increase your risk of developing breast cancer.
  • A Previous History: If you ever have or had the breast cancer in one of your breasts, so you are more at the risk of getting it on the other side than the average person, who doesn’t have it ever.
  • Body Weight: Women who are overweight or have obesity are more at the risk of developing breast cancer.

Reasons for its occurrence can vary from patient to patient and the only way you can resolve it is by having the right treatment at the right time.

Treatment Options For Breast Cancer

  • Surgery: The procedure is used when the condition of the patient is extreme and requires the removal of the tumor. The smaller the tumor patient has, the less time the overall operation will take. And the type of surgery out of Lumpectomy or Mastectomy is ideal for you depend on your condition or at what stage you are at.
  • Radiotherapy: It uses high energy X-rays or other UV rays that destroys the cancerous cells in women's breasts. It may be given before or after the surgery and has its own side effects. Before you undergo the one, it is recommended to discuss all of them with your oncologist.
  • Chemotherapy: During the procedure, a kind of drug gets injected into the body of the patients to destroy the cancer cells. It is performed by oncologist and patients needs to keep themselves ready for handling it's after effects.
  • Hormonal Therapy or Endocrine Therapy: It is an effective treatment that is used to cure breast cancer and is positive for either estrogen or progesterone receptors. It has effective results but only on a few of the patients, you can discuss it with your oncologist to know it better.

Breast Cancer Treatment has a high success rate in India and the choice of surgery depends on the stage of cancer you are on.

Speed Up Your Recovery Post Breast Cancer Surgery:

  • Don’t be the couch potato, keep yourself active, it’ll help you deal with the emotional effects
  • Keep yourself ready to bear some pain after a painful treatment
  • Be very careful about what you eat or drink
  • Do proper care of your breasts to prevent any major effect
  • Watch out for lymphedema
  • See your doctor soon if you experience anything unusual than regular
  • Drink plenty of water and follow all the instructions of your oncologist
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