Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant In India has attracted many patients from western countries because of the low treatment cost, trained surgeons, well-equipped hospitals and many other reasons.This liver transplant also called as Hepatic Transplant, is more than just important for the patient going through the liver damage, to prevent the chances of getting the infection in other organs too.

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Who Is Not A Good Candidate For Liver Transplant?

  • Patients who have cancer in any other part of the body are not ideal for the transplant
  • One with serious heart, lung or nerve disease cannot go for the liver transplant
  • One suffering from serious infection cannot go for the transplant
  • In case you are unable to follow your surgeon’s instruction, you are not allowed to undergo the procedure

How Long Does The Liver Transplant Surgery Take?

The surgery usually takes 4-14 hours because the process from removal of the damaged liver to replacement with the healthy one will take and in the meantime surgeon will also have to check whether it is working properly on your body or not.

Precautions You Should Take After A Successful Liver Transplant:

  • Diet & Nutrition: Improvement in the diet is necessary to speed up the recovery process. Also, having a balanced diet may help your body handle the heavy drug dosage.
  • Hygienic Surrounding: Apart from that, you should maintain hygiene around to not fall sick so early because of any infection. Make sure what you use, eat or do keep an eye on cleanliness.
  • Exercise: You can resume the exercise but only when your body is ready for that stress. Firstly, you need to give it relax it requires.

Care for yourself, as it is your prime responsibility. For any health suggestions regarding pre or post liver transplant surgery, speak freely with your surgeon. Contact the best Liver Transplant Hospital In India and get the help to recover faster.

Major Reasons To Seek For Liver Transplant In India

  • Patient from any part of the world can easily reach India.
  • One can easily get the VISA in short duration, which eliminates their headache and saves time as well.
  • Most of the hospitals here have their own language translator to ensure the smooth conversation between the patients and the Doctors.
  • Liver Transplant Cost is lower in India than any other western country, but the quality is high because here, we have the modern infrastructure or experienced surgeons to deal with the disease.
  • It is easier for the international patient gets adjusted to our environment because of our friendly behavior and great culture.
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