Looking for an experienced and specialized Oncologist In India? Indo American Health can help you find the one. Being a medical tourism company, our aim is to arrange medical appointments and other healthcare facilities along with the tourism for the international patients that will give them an opportunity to get healed without emptying their whole wallet.

Who Is An Oncologist?

An Oncologist is the one who has practiced and experience in oncology (a branch that deals with diagnosing, preventing and treating cancer). But before you find them to get the treatment, it is important to know that it has three major areas and, you have to find the Best Oncologist accordingly.

  • A medical oncologist is the one that serves treatment of cancer by using Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy or targeted therapy.
  • Another field belongs to surgical oncologists that remove the tumor permanently along with some nearby healthy tissues or cells.
  • Last but not the least is radiation oncologist that uses the radiation therapy (high x-rays) to kill the cancerous cells along with some healthy cells.

Make sure you are aware of what kind of Oncology Treatment you require to find the right oncologist. As their field varies, their cost varies too and depends on the patient and their condition at the time of admitting the hospital and what their report says after all the examination has been done. To find the best and experienced Medical Oncologists In India, get in touch with us now.

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