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Breasts are the most important and noticeable part of a woman’s body and they have to be perfect to build confidence in their personality. If you don’t have that perfectly molded breasts and want to attain them, so, you can go for the surgery. Indo American Health is the destination, where you’ll get the best Breast Surgery In India, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and Costa Rica.

We'll help you find the professional breast surgeons, doctors, and list of hospitals that offer such surgeries at its best without costing you the fortune. Being the most reputed company of Medical Tourism In India our aim is to help a patient get the healthcare assistance, so, we give you a rough estimation about the cost of the overall treatment, stay, medicines, etc., which keep you ready for the same.

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  • Breast Enlargement And Enhancement Surgery: It’s a surgery to increase or restore the size, which is mainly done by using artificial implants made from silicone gel or saline-filled ones. Fat stored in other parts of the body also get transferred to increase their size, in some cases. If you want to undergo the Breast Enlargement surgery, so, we are here to help you out. We’ll assist you to find the Best Hospital For Breast Surgery In India, to get the desired breast shape that compliments your personality.
  • Breast Reduction: If you have a bigger breast size than the normal, so, it may lead to a number of problems like shoulder, as well as, back pain. Thus, it is good to go for the breast reduction surgery, in which, surgeons remove excessive tissues that'll help you get perfect shape you have always wanted to attain.
  • Augmentation Mammoplasty: It is basically a plastic surgery term that is used for the breast implant and the fat-graft mammoplasty approaches, which help the patients, change the size and texture of their breasts.
  • Mastectomy: It is used for the treatment of breast cancer and in this; one or both breasts get removed. Depends on the condition of the patient and stage of cancer.
  • Lumpectomy: In this surgery, a discrete portion or lump of breast gets removed. It is again used for the treatment of breast cancer or malignant tumor.
  • Breast-Conserving Surgery: It is a less radical cancer surgery than mastectomy in which, part of the breast tissues get removed and not the entire breast.
  • Mastopexy Or Breast Lift Surgery: It is a mammoplasty procedure, which helps to raising the sagging breasts.

So, did you feel less confident about your look, just because of the improper size of your breasts? Be in touch to know the cost of Breast Surgery or find out Best Hospital or surgeon, to restore the desired shape now.

Follow The Tips To Recover Faster After Undergoing A Breast Surgery:

So, you have done the Breast Surgery In India, planning to fly back to your country? Have you taken your surgeon permission? No, so, please take it and, ask for all the recommendations that help you recover faster. In case, if they ask you to stay more, don’t hesitate, as it’s about your health, which comes first than anything else. Here are common tips that help you a bit.

  • Take pain-relieving medicines on time to get rid of the pain and swelling
  • Don’t sleep on the front of your breasts, as it may put pressure on them and worsen the condition
  • Sleeping on the sides or on the back is mainly recommended
  • No exercise for a few weeks or maybe months after the surgery
  • You shouldn’t apply any cosmetic products like counter scar creams
  • Don’t wear the bra until your surgeon will recommend you so
  • In case of rashes, itching or uncontrollable irritation, visit the doctor immediately

How To Choose The Surgeon For Breast Surgery In India?

We understand choosing the ideal option out of countless options available is easier said than done, but no worries, we've got you covered. We have best of the best Breast Surgery Hospitals in our panel, to help the patients get treatment with advanced resources, within their stipulated budget.

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