Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer happens due to the abnormal proliferation of prostatic tissues. Indo American Health - Being a well-known Medical Tourism Company in India, offers you the Prostate Cancer Treatment In India, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil and Costa Rica. It needs to be treated on time before it makes the situation worse for the patients. To help the patients, we provide them recommendations of the Top Hospitals For Prostate Cancer Treatment.

List Of Effective Prostate Cancer Treatment:

  • Hormone Therapy: Aims to inhibit the production of testosterone and the overall completion of the therapy includes LH-RH (Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone) or Anti-androgens.
  • Chemotherapy: In this therapy, drugs get injected to kill the cancerous cells, which save the patient.
  • Radiation: External beam radiation therapy or Brachytherapy, these two different ways are used to create high-intensity energy to kill the cancerous cells.

Risk Factors Of Prostate Cancer:

  • Age: It is more common among the men after the age of 50, thus, age is the main factor that increases your risk of developing the condition.
  • Diet: If you are not having a balanced meal, it may increase your risk of getting prostate cancer. It is not clear though, just to be on the safe side, always have healthy foods that take care of your health.
  • Obesity: Men who are obese are more at the risk of developing prostate cancer than the one who is not. So, if you are the one who is obese and don’t want to be the victim of the disease, make sure you maintain healthy BMI.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms That Help You Identify The Prostate Cancer?

Most of its signs get ignored and in some cases (especially men with early prostate cancer) doesn’t create any symptoms. But to get the treatment at the right time, it is important to identify them at the earliest stage to recover faster. Here we jotted down the list of common signs that one shouldn't ignore and, go for the diagnosis immediately after experiencing any of them.

  • Difficulty starting to urinate or problem in emptying the bladder completely
  • Dribbling urine once you finished urinating
  • A sudden urge to urinate or urinating more often
  • Pain in the back, hip and pelvis area
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Blood in urine or semen
  • Problem keeping an erection
  • Pressure or pain in the rectum

Apart from that, if you experience anything unusual don’t delay and run to your doctor immediately to figure out the problem and getting the treatment done.

Getting Prostate Cancer Treatment In India Bring You Benefits Like

  • Best Specialists and Surgeons
  • Well-Furnished Hospitals
  • Highly Trained Doctors
  • Better Results
  • Dedicated and friendly hospital staff for handling the international patients
  • Low Cost Of Prostate Cancer Surgery
  • Quick Recovery
  • Round-the-clock support
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