Bypass Surgery Cost

Human heart is the main organ and when it gets damaged or unable to receive the right amount of blood that is supposed to receive, it may call for a bypass surgery. The heavily subsidized cost of bypass Surgery in western countries is the reason why people are considering travelling to India where its cost is low. To get a rough estimation of the Bypass Surgery Cost In India, have a look at the figures mentioned in the table below.

Heart Bypass Surgery Cost (Approx)




Costa Rica



$123,000 - $1,75, 000

$7,900 - $10, 000

$15,000 - $18, 500

$27,000 - $30,000

$12,100 - $14, 900

$13,900- $15, 500

Prices are approximate and can be varied on the treatment you are going on or other factors like Hospital, City, Doctor’s Experience, Currency Exchange Rate, etc. If you need help to find the Low Cost Bypass Surgery Hospital in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai or any other city of India, feel free to contact us. We have our tie-up with top Bypass Surgery Hospital around the country where you can get the quality treatment within your stipulated budget. Drop a line or dial our number to know more.

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